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The Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation

   Apple has been very successful with its brand’s uniqueness with all its products like iPhones and Macbooks and yet another successful product of Apple is its iPod.  iPod was initially launched for listening to music, but now with its 5th generation launch it has evolved into completely for entertainment with more than just audio. This makes Apple users to change their iPods after a couple of newer versions are launched for the sake of improved specifications.

With the Apple iPod Touch 5th generation, the device has turned into a complete fun provider; it has got all entertainment aspects that any device can possibly offer right from listening to songs, watching movies and now adding to these playing highly sophisticated graphics filled games. Not just that many rich applications have been added and making it at par with Apple iphones.

Easy fetching and instant playing of music with best Mp3 player application which helps users to manage song list easily. Though most of these are also available in previous iPod version, in this version, the touch screen is the most highlight one. Highly improved camera, thin and sleek looks, good long lasting battery are some of the positives and being expensive and ear phones and cords are bit unimpressive.