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How to Find the Funkiest iPhone Case

   Getting a great iPhone case can make such a big difference that it is well worth searching hard for one. The high street shops have a limited supply of cases, but it can be tempting to buy from there as it seems easier. You could end up with one that looks just like your friends ones though and this may not be good. It could be much better to try to find one that looks really cool and will make everyone else jealous!

If you look online for iPhone 6 Plus cases you will see that there is a big selection of places selling them and they each have a lot of choice. This will mean that you will have a lot more to choose from. You are likely to find that they will be cheaper than the high street as well.

It may feel like a hassle, having to look through lots of websites and lot of phone case designs. However, think of it as window shopping and you will soon really start to enjoy it. You can spend a long time searching through all of the designs and trying to find the best and most unique one for you. You are bound to find one that suits your personality and will work well for you, if you take enough time to find it.

It can be great coming across an iPhone case that is perfect for you and it can be fun searching. You may even find several that you like. If they are cheaper than the high street, then you may be able to get more than one and then change your case every so often. This means that you can match it to different occasions or to different outfits.

Imagine how much fun you can have shopping for a new iPhone 6 case and then showing your friends how good it looks. It would be even better if you had another one as well to show them at some other time. You could find the most perfect one and you will be able to feel really great knowing that you have a case that perfectly suits you and your personality. If you like online shopping then you will really enjoy looking for it as well. So why not start looking right away, your perfect new phone case could soon be on its way to you.

Best CPU 2015 Intel Vs. AMD Processors

   CPU is like the mind and heart of a computer and without CPU or Central Processing Unit, a PC is just a piece of junk hardware. Since, CPU determines the core functionality of a computer and all other components are dependent on it, right from the days when computers where introduced, there is always a competition among top computer brands for CPUs and they always come up with an upgraded and advanced version every now and then. Especially Intel and AMD have been the top most brands in the PC market and both come up with equally good products, however AMD Processors always cost less than Intel.

Here is a quick analysis between the best CPU 2014 Intel vs. AMD Processors, the first highlighting aspect about Intel CPUs are its high processing speed and variety of versions availability making it available for a wide range of prices and compactible with many computer components available in the market, whereas AMD processors are not compatible with many PC spares, comparatively less processing speed, however are more robust than Intel CPUs and on overall performance wise AMD scores lesser than Intel CPUs and this has made even leading PC brands use Intel for their Desktops and Laptops.


Information On 3D Printing

One of the most notable emerging technologies in industry is without a doubt 3d printing. Predicted to become a common household item as soon as 2020, it’s not hard to see why. Have you broken a cup in your house or are you missing a bolt for your engine that aren’t made anymore? Download the 3d model straight from the internet and have you printer do all the world. New printers emerge every month claiming to be the best 3d printer available, and this bodes well for the economic future of this new development.

Its possibilities are endless and the future is now. By now, the application of 3d printers has allowed for the creation of body parts with exact measures and whole house being spawned out of nothing. This is all done through the use of filaments. By now, things have evolved beyond regular dust particle filaments and developed as far as beeswax and even wood printing.

3d printers are becoming cheaper and more accessible for anyone, paving the way for a tremendous impact on the consumer market as we know it. In the coming years we will see three dimensional printers evolve into a billion dollar industry that was previous never thought possible.