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Best CPU 2015 Intel Vs. AMD Processors

   CPU is like the mind and heart of a computer and without CPU or Central Processing Unit, a PC is just a piece of junk hardware. Since, CPU determines the core functionality of a computer and all other components are dependent on it, right from the days when computers where introduced, there is always a competition among top computer brands for CPUs and they always come up with an upgraded and advanced version every now and then. Especially Intel and AMD have been the top most brands in the PC market and both come up with equally good products, however AMD Processors always cost less than Intel.

Here is a quick analysis between the best CPU 2014 Intel vs. AMD Processors, the first highlighting aspect about Intel CPUs are its high processing speed and variety of versions availability making it available for a wide range of prices and compactible with many computer components available in the market, whereas AMD processors are not compatible with many PC spares, comparatively less processing speed, however are more robust than Intel CPUs and on overall performance wise AMD scores lesser than Intel CPUs and this has made even leading PC brands use Intel for their Desktops and Laptops.


Best Operating Systems 2015

   Initially when the personal computers were launched, it received an overwhelming response but people could not use them for their daily purposes and it was only after the operating systems were designed and developed, personal computers became almost a seventh sense for people without which they cant live.

In the past two decades, due to excessive competition in the PC market and with peoples’ dependency on it, now there have been too many operating systems and many OS for smart phones are also available. Here is the list of best operating systems for 2013 right from PC to Mobile phones. The most widely used OS is Microsoft Windows and the latest and best one is Windows 8.1, the next sought after best OS for PCs is the Apple OS X 10.9 mavericks, what makes them best is the design, ease of use and high end applications that simplifies the tasks of users .

For smart phones, Google Android 4.2.2 ‘Jelly bean’ is the best one with numerous Apps available in the market, next is the BlackBerry 10 OS and with slight upgrades and modifications comes the Apple iOS 6.1, these OS for Smart phones have made people prefer them and Tablets over laptops and PCs too.