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Great Tips To Ensure Convenient Android Experience

   Have you just got your Android device and looking forward for a great user experience? Well, Android devices are always edgy with amazing apps and other advanced functional features. However, when you are a novice t the Android zone it’s god to stay updated with some smart Android tips for cherishing user experience.

Disable the app notifications

The Android users often complain about disturbing application notifications which keep on appearing time & again. Now, these app notifications are very bad for the device’s battery health leading to a poor sluggish performance. Hence you must take care to disable the application notifications for fast performing Android system.


To disable the app notifications- press hard on the notification message box, tap on the App Info, then untick the Show Notifications followed by OK.

Disable the Mobile Data

You must have heard Android users lamenting on fast battery loss. If you want to get rid of this problem effectively you have to disable the Mobile Data. It’s quite a simple process – go to Settings, then Data Usage. Change the “ON” setting to “OFF” to disable Mobile Data effectively.

Set limit on Mobile Data

Would you prefer to keep check on the amount of Mobile Data usage? Well, here are the tips to set limit on Mobile Data-

Go to Settings followed by Data Usage. You will find an orange line appearing- drag the line to set the data limit. Now, set data-usage cycle on the basis of your month end & start- you are done.

You would be notified as you reach up till the limit.

Add on many Google Accounts

You are required to have one Google Account for using an Android smartphone- however; the interesting bit is that you are allowed to run multiple Google Accounts through the Android device. It would be easier if you are using multiple accounts for your different Google services. For adding on multi Google Accounts-

Go for Settings, then Add Account. Next, select Google & set your Existing or New Google Account. As you add it, pick your preferred sync option with that account.

How to Capture a Screenshot on Mac OSX

  These days it has almost become that computer users cannot live without their pc’s and laptops, they have become so dependent on it. At the same time, not all operating systems are the same and not all PC and laptop users get access to same software programs and enjoy same technology experience. Some of the software programs alone are popular and widely used by many people such as Apple’s Mac OSX and Microsoft’s Windows.

Both of these operating systems have most of the features in common but give an altogether different experience to the users. However, for Mac OSX users there are a lot of features available some of which they may not be aware of or at times don’t know how to use it.

Here are the short cuts to use one of such features on ‘How to Capture a Screenshot on Mac OSX’. Whichever screen you want to take screenshot of, go to that and Press the keys Command+shift+4, then drag the cursor to highlight the area for picture, then leave hold of mouse, now you can see the screenshot you wanted and you can save it in any picture format you want it to be. To take screen shot of entire screen, just use Command+shift+3 keys and follow the same procedure.

5 Things You Will Love About The iOS7

   iOS is the OS of Apple iPhones and like PC and Mobile users know, Apple offers many unique features for its users which people cannot find in any other smart phones. Since its iPhone inception Apple has been consistently improving its iOS delighting Apple iPhone users with better features and rectifying the flaws in older versions by enhancing them in the newer versions. With the latest iOS7 there are many new features which are so special to Apple users that make them love it when using.

Here are 5 Things You Will Love About The iOS7, and the foremost of them is the Control center using which we can easily switch modes and control all applications in one screen. The second thing cool about iOS7 is the multitasking menu that enables users to handle multiple apps without closing them while using another app.

The next thing is the amazing photo gallery that lines up pictures in a grid, so that with a thumb press any pic can be selected and viewed. Another lovable thing is the care and support provided through automatic updates by Apple’s app store. And above all the new camera app is the most highlighting thing about iOS7 providing High definition recording even during instant video recording.