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iRobot Vacuum Cleaner Review

   Vacuum cleaners have been in use for more than four to five decades and have always made it easier for people to clean and maintain their homes and property spaces well. It has minimized so much of manual labor involved and helps to save time. These days we can see that due to environmental issues people are facing a lot of dust and dirt accumulation in their homes and one of the reasons for it is pollution. To ensure better hygiene and to live in a dust free environment people would really need a vacuum cleaner for frequent cleaning as it alone can prevent from dust getting accumulated.

Due to high competition and introduction of newer technologies, people can see that over the course of time a lot of new features have been added to vacuum cleaners and many advanced models have come up. This has made it really difficult for people to choose the one which will be suitable for their cleaning needs. For vacuum buyers, the best way to easily understand the features of a vacuum cleaner and to know whether a vacuum will be suitable for them is to read the reviews of it before buying it. Here is the review of iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum cleaner.

iRobot Roomba is one of the excellently performing vacuum cleaners available on the market. It offers the 3 stage cleaning system that other vacuums do not offer. After being in the home base charger it resumes the cleaning. It has a good suction power to pick up the pet hair and dander.

The Roomba 770 has distinctive features like vacuuming bin, on board – scheduling, three cleaning modes, Adjusting censors, dual HEPA filters with 30 days money back warranty. Let us see its pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • Control pad is easy to use
  • Amazing self charge when the power is low.
  • Emptying the bin with full bin indicator
  • Extensive cleaning in dirty areas with back and forth motion
  • Cleans the walls, curtains, edges and under furniture.
  • Dual HEPA filter to collect all the dust and dirt
  • Provision for several room cleaning and single room cleaning
  • Battery with long life
  • Can be scheduled for seven times in a week
  • Warranty for 30 days

The Cons:

  • Louder than expected
  • CD manual is hassle to find the answer for any questions or problems
  • The bin is very small and it may get filled up pretty faster if there is more dust.

Best CPU 2015 Intel Vs. AMD Processors

   CPU is like the mind and heart of a computer and without CPU or Central Processing Unit, a PC is just a piece of junk hardware. Since, CPU determines the core functionality of a computer and all other components are dependent on it, right from the days when computers where introduced, there is always a competition among top computer brands for CPUs and they always come up with an upgraded and advanced version every now and then. Especially Intel and AMD have been the top most brands in the PC market and both come up with equally good products, however AMD Processors always cost less than Intel.

Here is a quick analysis between the best CPU 2014 Intel vs. AMD Processors, the first highlighting aspect about Intel CPUs are its high processing speed and variety of versions availability making it available for a wide range of prices and compactible with many computer components available in the market, whereas AMD processors are not compatible with many PC spares, comparatively less processing speed, however are more robust than Intel CPUs and on overall performance wise AMD scores lesser than Intel CPUs and this has made even leading PC brands use Intel for their Desktops and Laptops.


Difference Between HD and 3D Technology

    Technology is one thing that always keeps improving consistently, and this makes it easier for people to enjoy more comfort and enjoy more features. The real difficulty comes into picture, when people are not aware of the terms and their meaning, technological terms for a layman could be very confusing.

And now, we can see many acronyms being used even in advertisements and commercials for any technological feature, for instance like that of HD and 3D technology features in latest Television sets. Leading TV manufacturers try to bring in the theatrical and live visual feel to TV users using these technologies and when we buy these TVs it is important to know its difference so that we choose the right product.

Here is the difference between HD and 3D Technology, HD is High Definition where the screen resolution is better and gives high quality visual effects whereas in 3D is 3Dimensional which gives an altogether new dimension of view closer to real time viewing of a picture or scene. 3 D gives a better real time experience of the view of the scenes whereas HD provides better quality of visuals based on what kind of feel and visual effect you need you can choose one accordingly.

The Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation

   Apple has been very successful with its brand’s uniqueness with all its products like iPhones and Macbooks and yet another successful product of Apple is its iPod.  iPod was initially launched for listening to music, but now with its 5th generation launch it has evolved into completely for entertainment with more than just audio. This makes Apple users to change their iPods after a couple of newer versions are launched for the sake of improved specifications.

With the Apple iPod Touch 5th generation, the device has turned into a complete fun provider; it has got all entertainment aspects that any device can possibly offer right from listening to songs, watching movies and now adding to these playing highly sophisticated graphics filled games. Not just that many rich applications have been added and making it at par with Apple iphones.

Easy fetching and instant playing of music with best Mp3 player application which helps users to manage song list easily. Though most of these are also available in previous iPod version, in this version, the touch screen is the most highlight one. Highly improved camera, thin and sleek looks, good long lasting battery are some of the positives and being expensive and ear phones and cords are bit unimpressive.

5 Things You Will Love About The iOS7

   iOS is the OS of Apple iPhones and like PC and Mobile users know, Apple offers many unique features for its users which people cannot find in any other smart phones. Since its iPhone inception Apple has been consistently improving its iOS delighting Apple iPhone users with better features and rectifying the flaws in older versions by enhancing them in the newer versions. With the latest iOS7 there are many new features which are so special to Apple users that make them love it when using.

Here are 5 Things You Will Love About The iOS7, and the foremost of them is the Control center using which we can easily switch modes and control all applications in one screen. The second thing cool about iOS7 is the multitasking menu that enables users to handle multiple apps without closing them while using another app.

The next thing is the amazing photo gallery that lines up pictures in a grid, so that with a thumb press any pic can be selected and viewed. Another lovable thing is the care and support provided through automatic updates by Apple’s app store. And above all the new camera app is the most highlighting thing about iOS7 providing High definition recording even during instant video recording.

How to Use Technology In Your Small Business

  To take a company from a level of start up to a small business requires a mammoth effort which is always made easier only with the help of technology. Small business stands to gain the most out of technology. Technology enables automaton of management processes and activities which otherwise consume enormous time as well as effort to complete. Technology has become to be a natural way of achieving progress for small and medium enterprises. Although small and short-term adjustments may be required, in the long-run all these changes will prove to out-weigh the risk and efforts that have to borne initially. For instance, use of time-tracking software in manufacturing concerns makes it easy to manage labor productivity and incentive systems in a far better way than with manual systems.

Automated invoice generation and online payment options will further improve the management of trade receivables and help tracking the turnover and expenses of the enterprise in a better way. Moreover, filing of taxes and vendor payments become prompt as in-built systems can monitor the due dates and create monthly, quarterly and yearly forecasts. Likewise, marketing plans, schemas and strategies can also be created using software and edited promptly. Social media integration with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. also generates a steady stream of income without need for significant investment. Creating a mobile office taking advantage of portable devices and internet connectivity will also make a small business more productive.

Some of the popular technologies that have been helping small businesses are:

  • Websites – to make them have a presence in Internet
  • CRM Software – For managing customer relationship
  • Social Media – to promote their businesses through Videos in Youtube, Facebook etc
  • Payment gateways – providing online merchandizing services to enable small businesses to buy and sell their products through websites
  • Bulk Emails/SMS tools and software – to send promotional information about the business to its target audience.


Why Choose Cloud Computing For Your Business

   Most of the advancements in the field of technology are business oriented, they want to support business environment making it easier for business people to organize and simply business processes. This was one of the many reasons for setting up of research and development departments in many businesses and implementing IT or information technology solutions in their businesses .

IT solutions not just help in managing business information but also help to cut down costs and reduce dependency of business on people.  Now, the latest trending IT solution concept for business is the cloud computing. Here are the reasons why to choose cloud computing for your business.

The main reason is it helps to save a lot of money on infrastructure, building, space and office equipment because through cloud computing it becomes easier for employees to sit even at home and do their office work through a virtual office platform in the web through which all the information technology supported business processes are linked and placed under one platform. Back up of business data and ease of file sharing are two major advantages of cloud computing and adding to it is the effective CRM – Customer relationship management tools that are available with Cloud computing.