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Domains with HostGator

   Purchasing a domain name has never been easier with HostGator. They allow users to purchase domains for the most affordable prices found on the internet. They are among the top ten web hosting services found online. They provide excellent service with quality work. They do everything to make sure that your experience with HostGator is the best. You can’t find better service when you’re with HostGator.

The service allows for free domain locking. This means that they allow you lock the domain name that you intend on using and making sure that no one else can take your domain. They will keep it on ‘hold’, in a sense. You are claiming your domain name.

The service also allows for automatic domain renew. Meaning if you wish to add another year or two to your domain name and ownership, it will automatically renew itself without you having to purchase an extra year every time. This is perfect if your website is for a company or small business. It means that you won’t have to worry about keeping payments going and making sure you’re getting to them because the system does it for you. It prevents from clients from losing access to your website (as a business owner).

The service is incredibly easy to use. It means you can access your domains easily, you can purchase domains easily, and you can create domains and maintain them easily. HostGator as made sure that users don’t have to worry about anything. Everything is taken care of and made easy for everyone to be able to use.

HostGator is very well known for its amazing award winning technical support. They are always ready and able to serve customers with their questions and needs when it comes to any problems that may arise. With several years experience, the customer support is top quality and know exactly what they are talking about. When a problem arises, you don’t have anything to worry about.

The service provides several different domain extensions to its users. It assures that it provides what most clients would need. Among the selection, the most popular are; .net, .com, .co, and .org. There are different prices for each depending on the amount of time you plan on using the domain. .com, .org, and .net are $12.95 for one year and $38.85 for three years. The .co extensions costs $29.95 for one year and $89.85 for three years. There are several to choose from, ready to meet your needs.

With a large amount of selection, HostGator offers Hostgator coupons 2015 to help make these already cheap prices even cheaper. HostGator truly care about customer experience with the service and want to provide only the best.

With several domain extensions available for very affordable prices, a system that is easy to use and manage, along with experienced customer service representatives, your experience with HostGator is sure to be a good one. They offer great prices for great service. Let your domain hosting days start with HostGator for a simple, easy, and affordable service.

Your Website Design does matter so choose your web designer wisely

   According to the latest research conducted by Missouri University of Science and Technology, a potential customer makes up his/her mind about your products or services within less than two-tenths of a second of viewing your website. How does your website measure up to such a quick judgment call? Hold on, before answering that, read some more interesting statistics to know the real value of a perfect website design.

The research further reveals that most of the viewers spend about 2.6 seconds scanning your website before focusing on a particular section

  • They spend around 6.5 seconds focusing on the logo area
  • Around 6.5 seconds viewing the menu area
  • Around 4 seconds on the search box
  • Around 6 seconds skimming the written content
  • Around 10 seconds on the main image/page
  • Around 5 seconds on viewing the social links area
  • Around 5.5 seconds on the bottom page of your website

Now that you have a pretty good idea about what parts of your web design need more attention, so next time you have a conversation with your web designer, you can tell him/her what you need in your website.

Your website is just like your office or your business shop, there are certain areas in your shop that attract your customers and you always make sure to organize or decorate those areas in the best way possible to attract more traffic and make more business. It is the same with your website; your potential customers make a good judgment of the quality of the products or services that they can expect within the first few seconds. Therefore, a good web designer always makes sure that your website design meets the expectations of your visitors.

There are so many factors that count in keeping your visitors engaged and extract some business from them. An intelligent website designer always give due importance to the following areas:

  • The color scheme of your website
  • The image quality
  • The quality and quantity of content
  • The load time of your website
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Cross platform capability

Do a thorough visual audit of your website and find out if it gets the best grades in all the above mentioned points. If any part of the website design puzzle is not fit properly, your whole purpose of having an online presence is killed. So, make sure that you put all the piece of the puzzle together in the best way possible, so that you can expect a better and efficient web site, fully capable of attracting and retaining your customers.

How To Make Your Own Website

   The Internet is the largest business platform in the world. Every business needs a website to survive in an online environment. A website acts as a platform to the world, a business card and an advertisement for a business. However, setting up a good website can cost up to thousands of dollars which is a lot for a small business. This is a problem Brock Hamilton hoped to solve when he set up that offers tutorials on how to make your own website.

The Course

This is a website built to provide anyone wishing to have a website the chance to build and maintain their own professional looking site for a fraction of the normal cost and time. Building a good website requires considerable programming expertise. The site can however get people with little or no web programming experience up and running with a professional looking website in about 30 minutes.

The learning process starts with teaching the basics. This includes how to set up and register a domain along with setting up web hosting and then progressing to the actual building of the site. Brock’s website has a series of 42 video tutorials that will help users learn about every aspect of managing and maintaining a website. These two are very important once an actual site has been built. Every website needs to be maintained, and this can prove difficult without the right knowledge. This makes these tutorial invaluable.

Since Brock’s website is free to use for all tutorials, it comes as a welcome solution for anyone that wants a website. One thing that stands out is that the site teaches all aspects of a website from hosting to setting up. This provides a website owner with enough information to survive on their own without expensive IT consultation later on. It is therefore a highly recommended site to visit for anyone who needs his or her own website.