How to Use the 4G Internet Kits from Trade Show Internet

Many people would wonder how our Trade ShowInternet Kits work. Does one need to install some programs on their computers or Macs before they can use the Trade Show Internet 4G Kits? Well, you can use our 4G Kits for your wifi service at events without the need for you to install any programs on your PCs. The Kits are pre-configured so that they are plug-and-play kits. However, you can use the Quick Start Guide that comes with the kits so that you can easily set up a wireless or wired connection.

The 4G Internet kits will work with both Macs and PCs. It should also work with other devices such as the Apple iPad, smartphones that are WiFi –enabled and all other devices that enabled to receive a WiFi signal. All one needs is to insert the USB modem that is provided with the Kit ad they will be ready to go. For you to share the network with other people or devices, you only need to plug the USB modem into the router that we shall provide with the Kit. Your computers can then be connected through the Cat5 Network cable. Your computers can also be connected to the router through a WiFi link.  With this in mind, you should always feel free to hire our internet bandwidth for conferences through TradeShowInternet website.